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Best informed – best equipped!

The GOTIS Information Platform provides access to the Database for Workshop Equipment. This helps you to find out all about the products and make your procurement decision easier.

The Workshop Equipment Database lists all the workshop equipment tested and recommended by Mercedes-Benz, including information on its usage and procurement sources.

Important notes!

  • GOTIS is purely an information platform, not an ordering platform!
  • Workshop equipment is ordered direct from the manufacturer/supplier.
  • Special tools can be researched in the Electronic Parts Catalog EPC in "Special Tools" mode and procured through the familiar parts logistics process (ordered via the local ordering system; delivered via the GLC/LC/RLC). Independent market operators order special tools via Service & Parts net.

After-Sales Portal

Information for authorized Service operations and company-owned sales and service outlets
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Service & Parts net

Information for independent market operators
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